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    When it comes to the Sherpas at the foot of Mount Everest, people will first think of their great feats of climbing Mount Everest without fear of danger, as well as their extraordinary physical fitness, which has always been a source of topic that many people talk about. As for the Sherpa group, we still know very little, but today we will learn about the mysterious people at the foot of the snow-capped mountains.

    Why Sherpa Climbs?
    As to why Sherpas love mountaineering so much, many people have also made detailed investigations, and there are two main aspects, to sum up. First of all, in terms of life, Sherpas generally live at the foot of snow-capped mountains. Compared with the inland areas, the local transportation and economic development have great deficiencies. To supplement their families and earn more money, the Sherpa often participates in climbing missions. Generally, they will serve as guides and porters in the mountaineering team, so that they can get a certain amount of remuneration. Some Sherpas also regularly travel to the snow-capped mountains for environmental protection work.

    What is the Sherpa Ethnic Group?
    Sherpas are best known for their physical fitness. According to the research of scientists, the Sherpa’s body contains a special ACE gene, which can determine the level of the human body’s aerobic endurance. Other ordinary people without the gene are much tougher. Therefore, on the complex and changeable plateau, Sherpas can perform normal work under the condition of low oxygen for a long time without the so-called altitude sickness.

    In addition, during the long period of evolution, the body and circulatory system of the Sherpa people have also been integrated with the alpine environment. Their blood vessels are much larger in diameter than normal people, which allows them to more quickly deliver the body’s indispensable oxygen to the brain, heart, muscles, and various tissues of the body when climbing mountains to meet the needs of oxygen supply throughout the body. So calling them “Superman on the Mountain” is absolutely apt.

    The Abundant Sherpa Culture
    Taking off its halo of “porters on the mountains”, Sherpa is actually an ordinary nation. According to historical records, the ancestors of the Sherpas came from the East, and they migrated all the way to the foot of Mount Everest to avoid war and chaos. In terms of living habits, Sherpas are very close to Tibetans, and there are also some aspects of their own unique culture. In terms of religious beliefs, the Sherpas, like the Tibetans, believe in Tibetan Buddhism, respect lamas, and perform divination in some major events.

    In terms of clothing, Sherpa women generally wear gorgeous long-sleeved shirts and long skirts, with a handmade white wool waistcoat on the outside, and they also like to wear all kinds of jewelry and earrings; while men wear Relatively simple, short-sleeved coats made of wool and a traditional machete are all, and the rest of the Sherpas are similar to Tibetans.

    Although they have physical qualities that are different from ordinary people, on the rapidly changing plateau, the Sherpas still use their flesh and blood to fight against Mount Everest and other high mountains. For the family’s income, the Sherpas had to face the difficulties again, hoping to use their blood and sweat to make their descendants no longer work hard for a living, hoping that they could have a decent job and get a good education. “We have already climbed Mount Everest for you so that you don’t have to go again”.

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